Admission Policy


All the admission regulations are subject to change in case of any change by PMC or any other competent authority.

HBS Medical & Dental college admission portal for admission in MBBS session 2021-2026 and admission in BDS session 2021-2025 is open since July 01, 2021. (


Eligibility for Admission:

Any candidate seeking admission in HBS Medical and Dental College shall be eligible having fulfilled the following mandatory criteria:

  1. Have passed the MDCAT examination conducted by the National Medical Authority;
  2. Obtained a higher secondary school certificate qualification (“HSSC”) or an equivalent 12th grade qualification recognized in Pakistan and having obtained total marks of more than 65% therein, or a higher percentage as may be notified by the Pakistan Medical Council and
  3. Passed the subjects of biology, chemistry and either physics or mathematics in the examination of the higher secondary school certificate or an equivalent 12th-grade qualification recognized in Pakistan
  4. MDCAT exam remains valid for 2 years. Students who have appeared in last year MDCAT exam and have achieved equivalence of more than 65% as per PMC formula is also eligible to apply.


F.Sc or equivalent exam total marks              65% or above

MDCAT marks                                                    65% or above


Merit Formulation:

ATTENTION! Considering the COVID situation, as per new regulation 2021 of PMC and ministry of education, only science subject marks shall be considered for the purpose of merit.


MDCAT                                                                                                                                 = 25%

*FSc or equivalent exam (biology, chemistry and physics/math only)                   = 50%

Interview to be conducted by HBS Medical & Dental College                                   = 25%

  • HBS shall make no distinction in terms of merit between a Pakistani or foreign student.
  • Merit calculations for 50% weightage of FSc or equivalent exam shall ONLY include science elective subjects i.e. Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics.


Admission Process:

  • Candidate shall provide/upload on admission portal MDCAT result and FSc results prior to December 15, 2021 by paying a fee of rupees 1,000/-.
  • Admissions to Medical and Dental program shall be conducted separately and each student is required to apply separately to a Medical or Dental program. A student who has not applied to a given program shall not be entitled to admission to such program.
  • A structured interview shall be conducted by HBS Medical & Dental College carrying 25% weightage.
  • HBSM&DC shall add the percentage score of FSc (Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics only), MDCAT and interview according to the weightage mentioned above and finalize the total aggregate out of 100% to conclude the final merit of the candidates for the purpose of admission in MBBS/BDS classes of HBSM&DC.
  • Candidates with delayed results because of appearing late in FSC due to Covid or A-Levels must not wait for their results and upload the documents and fee as a routine candidate except one difference i.e. instead of FSc result candidate have to upload roll number slip and in case of A-Levels have to upload a statement of entry.
  • At the end of the interview, 1st provisional merit list shall be posted on the college website and college notice board and candidates will be given 3 days to pay the fees and submit necessary documents.
  • 2nd provisional merit list will be posted after the deadline of submission of fees given to selected candidates in 1st provisional merit list, which will consist of candidates from the merit-wise waiting list filling the number of seats got vacated by the candidate who did not submit the fees and documents in due time. The process will continue until all the seats are filled.
  • Admission shall be confirmed only after paying the fee before the due date already informed to the students by HBS Medical & Dental College (please refer to the PMC regulations 2021).
  • Candidates failing to submit the fees and documents before deadline given will lose the right of admission as his/her reserved seat shall be filled with the next candidate in the provisional merit list.
  • Candidates shall be called through their registered email addresses for the interviews to be started on November 08, 2021.
  • All candidates are requested to visit college website on daily basis for any update.
  • Candidates who have applied for admission on portal and have not received the interview call till December 15, 2021 must report to college latest by December 18, 2021.
  • Candidates shall be at liberty to get their interview date/time changed only through email and provision of legitimate reason with proof at least 24 hours before schedule time.
  • In case of two candidates having exactly the same total marks in final merit list, the candidate having an age older than the other shall be put higher on the merit list.


Foreign Students

  • Any candidate who does not hold Pakistani nationality shall fall under this category.
  • There shall be no separate quota for foreign students. Foreign students shall compete with local students for the purpose of making of merit lists.
  • Foreign students shall pay in foreign currency (US Dollars) (Please refer to fee structure page).
  • Foreign students must have obtained a minimum of 65% in the FSC or equivalent exam AND have passed the MDCAT exam as prevailing rules of PMC.
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