Fee Structure

  1. Fee Structure for both Pakistani and Foreign Students will be as per PMC rules & regulations.
  2. 5% tax levied on fee which shall be paid to Commissioner Inland Revenue, Islamabad.
  3. Certificate from any approved insurance company covering the remaining expenses for the duration of the course in case of demise of parents/guardian.
  4. Tuition fee will increase annually to cover the inflation. Increment in fee shall be decided by college management annually as per prevailing rules at that time.
  5. Parent/guardian is required to provide the proof of financial stability (e.g. wealth statement equivalent to 5 years tuition fees, income tax return of either parent etc.) to be submitted to the admitting university at the time of admission to ensure that fees for the entire course will be payed within time.
  6. Withholding Tax will be deposited in the name of father/guardian. In case of any change, accounts office must be informed in writing well within time.


Hostel Fees:

  1. Hostel charges vary from room to room depending on single, double or triple occupancy.
  2. Hostel fees are charged on annual basis and once deposited are non-refundable.
  3. Hostel charges include food, boarding, lodging, laundry, transport (to and from campus) internet/Wi-Fi, housekeeping, security and surveillance.
  4. Electricity bill for additional equipment like AC, microwave, refrigerator, iron, electric heaters (in addition to the heating system provided by the hostel) shall be charged separately.
  5. Hostel fees will be subject to an annual increment specified from time to time.

Please contact student affair department for additional details