Vacant Seats Policy



The migration policy of HBS Medical & Dental college remains as per prevailing rules of PMC & SZABMU (with whom HBSM&DC is affiliated). Migration from one public or private sector medical/dental college to HBSM&DC shall be according to the following rules & regulations.

First Year Post Admissions Migration:

1) From 1st April to till 30th April any candidate bonafidely admitted in any recognized private or public medical & dental college may apply against the vacant seats for migration during the dates prescribed by PMC.
2) All applications received shall be forwarded to PMC as per merit after being scrutinized by the admission committee of the college.
3) Admission shall be confirmed after the review of the PMC authority.

Migrations other than Post Admissions:

1. An application for migration will be submitted by the student him/herself, and not through nominee or relative of the student.
2. All prerequisite documents, duly attested by the principal must be submitted along with the request form for Migration (MBBS/BDS).
3. Payment of prescribed migration fee (Rs 8,000/- non-refundable & subject to change by the university) in form of bank draft in favor of SZABMU shall be submitted along with application.
4. All applications received against any vacant seat shall be forwarded to SZABMU for consideration in the meeting of migration committee of SZABMU that meets in 1st week of every month.
5. Migration will be allowed only

  • a. From institutions recognized by the regulatory body i.e. PMC.
  • b. From any recognized foreign medical college with relevant NEB exam passed.
  • c. From constituent/affiliate institutions of HEC recognized universities.
  • d. If the reason submitted is considered valid by the migration committee.
  • e. Professional exam of previous year is passed from the relieving college.

6. Migration request of MBBS/BDS student will not be accepted if

  • a. Admission was granted in violation of the respective admission criteria, or on reserved seats.
  • b. Mutual migration is requested.

7. Special cases not covered in the migration rules of the SZABMU will be referred to the vice chancellor, SZABMU for decision.

List of Mandatory Requirements for Migration (MBBS/BDS)

1. Duly completed request form for migration of undergraduate student (MBBS/BDS) by student along with valid reason for migration, addressed to registrar, SZABMU.
2. Payment of prescribed migration fees (bank draft)
3. PMC valid student registration number
4. Detailed transcript/academic record on the prescribed format.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Migration of MBBS/BDS Students

1. Student will submit a complete request form for migration of undergraduate student (MBBS/BDS), with attested copies of requisite documents, and fee receipt to the registrar, SZABMU
2. Migration committee will process the application on merit, in the light of SZABMU approved rules and regulations.
3. If the committee considers the case valid and complete, migration will be accorded, otherwise declined.
4. Cases outside the rules and regulations of SZABMU will be referred to the vice chancellor for decision.
5. In case, the migration is allowed, the student information will be shared with the PMC.

Post admission transfer on vacant seats of 1st year MBBS/BDS

Last date of Application form submission: 22nd Apr-2022 on the prescribed form to be downloaded from the HBS website (

The application form must be submitted through
a) email address,
b) TCS
C) by hand in college

Merit Formulation:


MDCAT = 25%
FSc or equivalent exam (biology, chemistry and physics/math only) = 50%
Interview marks (full marks given to all the candidates) = 25%

  • An incomplete form shall not be accepted.
  • The candidate must be admitted in the college where he/she is migrating from as per PMC admissions regulations 2021-22
  • All required documents should be attached with the application form.
  • A level or other equivalent qualification holders must submit their equivalence certificate of science subjects.
  • The program in which students are enrolled i.e., MBBS OR BDS should clearly be mentioned on the application form.
  • In case of a number of applicants being more than the number of vacant seats, top merit candidates shall be offered a transfer.
  • All transfer applications received shall be submitted in PMC and admission shall be confirmed subject to the approval of PMC.

Copy of documents required along with to application form:

  • Matric or equivalent certificate
  • HSSC or equivalent certificate or IBCC equivalence certificate where applicable.
  • Science subjects equivalence where applicable.
  • Certificate for A level Students
  • MDCAT examination result.